e-Attendance Management System It is based on latest Biometric technologies. Attendance data is captured showing the finger on a finger print recognition device and then attendance related reports are generated as required using our customized software. The included customized software provides a number of functionalities and valuable MIS reports such as Arrival , Departure , Late Arrival , Early Departure, Performance, Overtime, Total Working Hours, Holidays, daily/weekly/monthly, Individual, Group reports etc as required.

Technology Used: ASP.NET, MSSQL, MVC

Features of e-Attendance Management System

Hardware interfacing with various fingerprint and Card Devices

System configuration for

--Company Setup

-- Staff Type



--Staff Class

--Time Shift of Staff

--Leave Type Setup

--User Setup

Leave Setup / Entry

Holiday Setup

Managing Rank of the staff for reporting

Staff managements

Attendance Modes

--By using Device

--By using System login

--By admin

Official Work Entry

Leave Entry

Auto Notification and Reports at E-mail